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Learn what it takes to be successful from our panel of top sales leaders and coaches. The Direct Selling Summit will give you ways to grow your business, whether you’re just getting started or a six figure earner. Beauty products, financial products, home or professional products and services — all Direct Sales industries can benefit from the experience of our speakers. Learn detailed sales and marketing strategies that you can immediately apply to your business.

Whether you are a top seller looking to achieve greater success, or you have tried but are not seeing positive results, these experts are going to show you how!

Are you setting goals and missing them? Is it hard to know where to start? Have you the heard the success stories of others and wonder how to get there?

Our experts have been carefully chosen to ensure you can gain the confidence needed and understand how to achieve and sustain success.

Our hand-picked experts are showing you proven ways to leverage your talents to generate sales.

Our experts have worked with superstars from Tony Robbins to top sellers in leading Direct Sales companies to help improve their influence and increase their sales.

This is about getting the results you want and the life and lifestyle of your dreams!

Direct Selling Summit

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  • If you were to go see all of these people talk, it would cost thousands of dollar (not including travel.)
  • We bring them all together and you can watch in the comfort of your own home.
  • Don’t miss any of the interviews
  • Keep these interviews and watch them whenever
  • Review your notes and sharpen your skills all year long
  • Get transcripts and notes from the interviews to read

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Our Speakers

Bob Burg

Best Selling Author of
Endless Referrals, The Go-Giver,
Go-Givers Sell More

Give More = Sell More!


Darleen Santore

Peak Performance Coach
and Keynote Speaker

Five Plays to Greatness


Roberto Monaco

Former Tony Robbins #1 Salesperson & Public Speaking and Presentation Expert

Influenceology: Selling
without being Salesy


Shama Hyder

Bestselling Author &
“Zen Master of Marketing”
by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Growth Hacking – How to Build a Thriving Business in the Social Era


Toni Jennings

Premier Level V
Business Development Executive
at Rodan + Fields

45 Days to Success


Lynne and Steve Johnson

Founders of TACTIC
Suite for Sales &
Business Professionals

Understanding Your
Natural Selling Style


Sandra Garest

Vice President
The Lifebook Company, LLC

Developing Your Life Vision


Jared Yellin

Founder and CEO

Top Strategies in Direct Sales


Steve Gandara

Founder and CEO
Excellent Cultures

No Culture Monsters Allowed


Joe Stradinger

Founder and CEO
Edge Theory serving
Juice Plus, Herbalife and more

Beauty and the Tweet


Tracey Vlahos

Direct Selling Sales Expert
with expertise from Origami Owl and Younique

Overcome Overwhelm:
Creating Systems and Boundaries
That Produce Results


Keith Macpherson

Wellness Expert &
Keynote Speaker

Making Sense of Mindfulness

Matthew Loop

Dr. Matthew Loop

Best Selling Author and
Social Media Revenue Strategist

Social Media Can Make You Rich


Matt Morris

Best Selling Author and
Direct Selling Multi-Millionaire

From Amateur to Professional in Direct Selling


Karen Clark

Best Selling Author and
Direct Selling Expert

Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives


Lynn Bardowski

The Million Dollar
Party Girl

Embrace Your
Inner Visionista


Jason Sani

Trained and Licensed
Culinary Nutritionist

How to Have More
Energy through Food


Misty Kearns

CEO of Me &
Direct Sales Success Coach

Attract Leads through Authentic Marketing


Susan Brady

Rose to the top 1% of Her Company
Earning a Six-Figure Income within 18 Months

Six Keys to Creating A Six Figure Business

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Expert Coach in Gaining
More Leads & Recruiting More Reps

Becoming the Top Earner in your Company


Lisa Wilber

Avon Gold Executive Leader
& Author

From Trailer Park to the Top
(And How to Stay There)

Joseph Ponnou

Joseph Ponnou

CEO of Network Marketing Success Magazine

Success Strategies of the
Top 1%


Karen Tucci

The Direct Selling Mama

Blogging Your Way To Success


Eric Nordhoff

Business Mentor and
Top Selling Wellness Advocate with doTERRA

Overcoming Our Fears

Sarah Price

Sarah Price

Direct Seller and
Content Marketer

Getting New Leads
from YouTube


Todd Schmick

20+ Year Veteran of
Priority Management

The Priority Management Process

Joel Widmer

Joel Widmer

Productivity Hacker &
Founder of

Top Strategies to Stay Motivated
and Be More Productive


Lynsey Jones

The Party Plan Coach &
Founder of Party Planning Divas

Time Management and Organization

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Free Bonus Gifts

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3 Tools for Change
(Value: Over $240!)

TACTIC Sales Personality Assessment ($97 value)

With this FREE Assessment:

  • Leverage Your Personal Communication Strengths
  • Improve Relationships, Motivation & Success
  • Learn How to Communicate Effectively

TACTIC Performance Assessment ($97 value)

With this FREE Assessment:

  • Give a Meaningful Performance Evaluation in Just a Few Minutes
  • Define Strengths and Areas for Improvement
  • Move Forward with Aligned Goals

TACTIC 360 Team Assessment ($49 value)

With this FREE assessment:

  • Understand Your Team’s Strengths and Areas for Improvement
  • Define Focus Areas for Quarterly Team Goals
  • Determine Will and Skill Needs of Your Team


30 Day Free Trial // Twitter Messaging for Beauty and Health & Wellness
Direct Sales Consultants ($45 Value)

With this exclusive trial you can:

  • Increase web traffic
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow your business

Dr. Matthew Loop’s Blogging Success Blueprint

These 39 pages detail the steps you can take today to build your online success.

  • Attract a Steady Flow of New Clients and Sales Without Spending Money on Advertising
  • Learn Why Content IS NOT King
  • Learn How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Excellent Cultures

7-minute assessment – Business Culture Assessment

With this FREE assessment, you will be able to:

  • Measure your actual team culture
  • Measure your desired business culture
  • Identify specific improvement areas to focus on

Direct Selling Success and Mini-Planner

Get Misty Kearns’ 8-Day Success Course for Direct Selling PLUS a free mini-planner upon completion!

  • Shift from Struggling to Confident
  • How to Work Smarter and Get More Results
  • Learn Misty’s Marketing and Implementation Systems

Live Happily Ever After® ($97 value)

At the Direct Selling Summit we want you to have a GREAT life. Having a great life requires building great relationships. Gain a new perspective on your most important relationship with Live Happily Ever After.

The #1 factor in building a strong relationship is getting on the same page. So where do you start? Start here!

Live Happily Ever After was developed by Steve & Lynne Johnson after officiating and consulting to over 800 marriages. They’ve been helping couples get on the same page for over 37 years.


Coach Dar

FREE EBOOK: 101 Coaching Tips & Quotes

In this free eBook, learn:

  • 7 Steps to Transforming your Life
  • How to make a D.E.A.L. with Yourself
  • Quick Daily Coaching Tips for Every Situation

Coach Dar brings her wisdom from 18 years as a Board Certified Occupational Therapist PLUS her experience as a C-Level Executive in Direct Selling to bring you 101 doses of wisdom and inspiration.


Synduit’s Emolectual Selling Model


In this free eBook, learn:

  • The Most Effective Way to Build Relationships and Increase Sales
  • How to Connect Emotionally and Intellectually
  • Synduit’s Step-by-step Sales Model

Choose Your Package

Online Access
30+ Videos with Experts
($499 value)
30+ Audio Transcription in PDF form
($149 value)
Presentation Notes (PDF or Worksheets) files
($149 value)
30+ Audio Interviews
($197 value)
Bonus material
($400+ value)
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Meet Your Growth Summit Hosts

Dave Jaworski

Dave’s passion is helping individuals and teams reach their dreams and potential. Dave brings over 25 years of sales, technology, and executive management experience to the task. He has helped individuals, small companies and Fortune 100 companies achieve breakthroughs. In fact, that is why he is here hosting this Summit — To help you achieve your best life.

Dave has worked with top executives and sales people in direct selling companies including Avon, Natura, Scentsy and many others to help them empower their Consultants and their Customers.

Starting with a degree in Computer Science, Dave went on to spend half of his professional life on the Technology side of businesses and the other half on Sales and Marketing.

Hired as the third employee at Microsoft Canada, (they opened the doors when there were 7), Dave served as Microsoft’s National Sales Manager before being promoted to General Manager of Western U.S. Sales where he led the team managing 80% of Microsoft’s U.S. business. Promoted to GM of U.S. Sales Operations, he then led a turnaround as head of Microsoft University, helping individuals and large corporations implement Microsoft technology, and turning the MSU P&L from -70% to +14% in less than one year. Dave was the first-ever recipient of Bill Gates’ Chairman’s Award of Excellence.


Darleen Santore

“Coach Dar”, Darleen Santore believes that your dreams matter! The key to achieving them is to Raise the Bar #RTB in your life in order to achieve your full potential. As a host of the Direct Selling Summit, Darleen’s goal is to help you gain clarity and to understand how you can Raise the Bar in your life to impact yourself and all those around you.

Darleen is Board Certified in Occupational Therapy and spent the past 18 years as a therapist and coach to athletes, performers and professionals. As Chief People Officer of Origami Owl, Darleen has helped the company grow from a brand new startup to over $250 million in revenues and over 60,000 Consultants. Throughout this journey, Darleen has helped countless individuals reach their goals and maximize their personal and team results. And now she is taking all of that experience and sharing it through the Coach Dar Lifestyle and Wellness brand.

Darleen has compiled a playbook to help individuals reach peak performance in life, so they can live life to the fullest. Everything she teaches is designed to help people reach their full potential!

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